When it comes to marketing, advertising, and customer-centric personalization, it's best to think like a concierge: Anticipate people's needs, help guide them through their journey, and engage with them on a human-to-human level.


“Personalized marketing and advertising is not about sales. It’s about building a relationship with the customer.”
- Julian Hillebrand

“Instead of one-way interruption, personalized marketing is about delivering value at just the right moment that a user needs it.”
- David Meerman Scott

"Personalization wasn't supposed to be a cleverly veiled way to chase prospects around the web, showing them the same spammy ad for the same lame stuff as everyone else sees. No, it is a chance to differentiate at a human scale, to use behavior as the most important clue about what people want and more important, what they need.”
- Seth Godin

“Personalized marketing is really more of a psychological analysis where you can really understand the right language and how to reach a buyer.”
- Joseph Cole

“With a million resources at the click of the button, the consumer is now the focus of marketing campaigns, instead of the product. Consumers are smarter than ever before, continuing on the trend that we’ve seen through history; and they don’t respond to obvious product placements. Instead, they respond to more authentic, personalized forms of marketing.”
- Ana Gotter

Marketers often make decisions based on big data. Personalization, however, shifts the focus to the human connection. Research on who customers are and what they want enables marketers to create more engaging experiences with all different types of customers. Positive and memorable customer experiences lead to increased engagement and lasting brand loyalty.”
- Annie Gherini

The most profitable brands don’t compete on price; they are focused on speed, value, and availability to their customers. To be available, they have to be where their customers are. To provide a speedy response, they have to be listening. And to provide value, they’ve got to provide an individualized response. Without the tools, processes, and data to instantly to make it personal, companies are leaving the business to those competitors that do.”
- Douglas Karr

As consumers’ interest in “noise” decreases and their need for individualized, meaningful experiences increases, brands will need to continue to expand on the creation of personalized interactions, data-driven storytelling, and an omni-channel approach to build strong, positive relationships with their customers. Amidst all the data, however, brands must be mindful of one key message: Your customers are human beings. Be sure to treat them that way.
Susan Baroncini-Moe

“Personalization is pointless without knowing the individual. Understand the dreams, hopes, and fears that motivate your customers, then hit them where it counts.”
- Paul Gillin

“Until now, marketers had two choices: they could either pick personalized, or scalable, but not both; they could opt for inefficient manual ways of personalized engagement, or choose static digital marketing that scaled but took a one-size-fits-all approach. Machine intelligence is changing that. AI-driven brand storytelling intelligently adapts to a consumer’s unique preferences and behavior to deliver truly personalized stories at scale, by combining the human elements of storytelling with machine-powered personalization.”
- Vijay Chittoor