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The Work: Making Whales Soar

Anyone can create waves, but it takes ambition, passion, and vision to make big ideas break through the surface and fly.


The Work: Making Whales Soar

Anyone can create waves, but it takes ambition, passion, and vision to make big ideas break through the surface and fly.




I solve complex, adaptive problems through research, technology, and human-focused design. I turn information and creativity into insight, insight into strategy, and strategy into action.

I create revolutionizing solutions and experiences that connect with people. I balance a hybrid methodology of art and science, defiance, and compliance.

I work with global, Fortune 500 clients, projects, businesses, campaigns, and brands, including everyone from the C-Suite to the Dev-Suite. 

I move the needle from up-and-coming to up-and-running. I'm dedicated to creativity, driven by possibility, and focused on delivering the extraordinary.


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Streamlining strategy, planning, ideation, and execution

Mark Michael - Consulting


Providing expertise and creativity to bring ideas to life

Branding and Brand Building


Creating brands through positioning, value, and authenticity

Mark Michael - Marketing & Performance Marketing


Understanding who, when, where, how, & why to target

Mark Michael - Advertising & Advertising Strategy


Creating powerful experiences to connect with people

Mark Michael - Digital Transformation & Business Transformation


Revolutionizing the status quo by creating the future

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Leading clients, partners, and projects to success

Mark Michael - Customer Experience Innovation


Building seamless, personal, and compelling experiences

Mark Michael - Managing and Mentoring

managing &

Teaching competency, character, and capacity with compassion



Mark Michael - Strategy Research Strategic Planning

Research, Planning, & Execution


Mark Michael - Data Intelligence & Data Analytics

Data Intelligence & Analytics


Mark Michael - Human Centered Design

Human-Centered Focus & Design


Mark Michael - Strategy & Ideation

Strategic Ideation & Vision


Mark Michael - Creative Strategy & Creative Experience

Creative Perspective & Approach


Mark Michael - Business Transformation & Digital Transformation

Business & Experience Revolution


Art & Science,
Right Brain & Left Brain

Art & Science.png

Right Brain vs Left Brain. Strategy vs Creative.
Emotion vs Logic. Data-Driven vs Intuition.

The war is over, if you want it to be.

Creating harmony across divides can break new ground and forge unique experiences. By destroying the battle between, we can combine both art and science to focus on a new balance for the modern age.


platform agnostic

Mark Michael - Omni Channel & Platform Agnostic

Omni-channel doesn't mean being everywhere to everyone; it means picking and choosing where, when, how, and why to deliver your experience for your specific audience.

People get to choose their journey across devices and they're becoming more non-linear, dynamic, and channel-agnostic. Knowing where to play, and how to win is what earns hearts and minds.


Digital Acceleration,
Innovation, & Transformation

Digital Acceleration, Innovation, and Transformation.png

Digital transformation is not just about embracing technology; it requires a fundamental change in thought, practice, process, and culture. 

Through enhanced experimentation, a core focus on agility, and a deep understanding of value delivery, the never-ending aim is to reinvent and revolutionize the playing field.



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Customer-centricity means focusing on and listening to your audience at all times, understanding their mindset, guiding them through their journey from start to finish, and creating a personalized, compelling experience for them.

By fostering connections with people, we can build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.


Connection-Driven &
experience obsessed

Connection Driven and Experience Obsessed.png




Mark Michael - Big Data & Digital Analytics
Mark Michael - Social Media
Mark Michael - Mobile & Tactile
04 - CRM.png
Mark Michael - Paid Search, Organic Search, SEO, Search Engine Optimization
Mark Michael - Cloud Interface
Mark Michael - Digital Advertising & Digital Experience
Mark Michael - Internet, Website, & Digital Experiences


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03 - Physical.png
04 - PR.png
Mark Michael - Word of Mouth, Traditional Advertising
Mark Michael - Copywriting & Communications


Mark Michael - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, AR, VR, & MR
Mark Michael - Digital to Physical World
Mark Michael - Experiential Marketing & Experiential Advertising
Mark Michael - Digital Transformation & Experience Transformation

B2B, B2C, D2C, C2C

Mark Michael - Business to Business, B2B Marketing & Advertising Strategy
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Mark Michael D2C Direct to Consumer
04 - C2C.png


Human to Human Connection, 1 to 1 Marketing

Nothing will replace a human connection. It's something that we need more of in a world that's becoming more fast paced and less human every day.

Fostering a Human-to-Human experience is what creates a true connection with people, and connections built on human experiences transcend into long-lasting relationships.

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Clients, Projects, Accounts, & Partners

Symbolized and Summarized

Clients, Projects, Accounts, & Partners

Symbolized and Summarized


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As Seen On

From the Digital to the Physical World

As Seen On

From the Digital to the Physical World

Mark Michael - Marketing Advertising Strategy Branding Creative Consulting - Testimonials.png


See what others have to say.


See what others have to say.


Arielle Helfman

"Mark is an out-of-the-box strategic thinker, a dedicated team member, and an extremely knowledgeable digital marketing consultant. He wears many hats from pitching new business to executing complex digital analytic and go to market strategies for a wide variety of clients. Many Digital Marketing Consultants are able to give great ideas, but its very rare that the ideas produce strong results. Mark is able to drive results, which has lead to new clients and a strong direction in our existing business, based on his ideas and changes. I thoroughly enjoy working with Mark not only because he is smart, sharp and a breath of fresh air but because he is easy to work with and the kind of person you want on your team."

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Rachel Sorkin

"Mark is truly one-of-a-kind in the Marketing, Advertising, Strategy, and Digital Consulting realm. He has an inherent drive that allows him to connect and extrapolate multiple threads of information, planning, strategy, innovation, and execution in order to develop ground-breaking work and experiences. Mark has an innate passion for creating the future and is consistently pushing projects, teams, coworkers, clients, and accounts forward to new extremes; a prime of example of this is during planning sessions, where he often finishes ideas with ‘Why not?’ as he's waiting for the world to catch up to his vision. Whether he's hands-on working in the weeds or plugged-in and presenting to the boardroom, Mark always delivers excellence and performs at the highest levels. Mark's experience in both breadth and depth across industries, sectors, clients, accounts, and projects allows him to see things that most others don't - All of which come through in his everyday work. Mark's passion and ambition are a few of the intangible assets that cannot be cataloged but are easily identifiable when you're working with him. Mark goes above and beyond in every sense and has the track record to prove it."

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Tim Cory

"Mark is a fantastically motivated and enthusiastic individual. Mark has a great mastering of strategy, using data to foster insights that are actionable and drive results. He is a well-spoken communicator and established himself as an integral part of the Strategy, Analytics, & Consulting group. I highly recommend Mark and I have no doubt that he will be a valuable asset to any team he works with and manages."

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Shane Ford

"Mark is a multi-talented individual who is dedicated at what he does. His communication skills and people skills are extraordinary. He's witty, charming, and has a sense of humor, but has a solid foundation in working hard and getting the job done. Mark has a very creative and clever mind, and is coupled with his strong ability to create long-lasting relationships."

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Amy Stoddard

"Mark and I have worked together on several projects where he helped solidify our strategy; he quickly understands the big picture and provides exceptional marketing research. We would quickly strategize together and he'd come back with specific data, research, and insights to help button-up our presentations. Mark is a pleasure to work with and essential part of my team."

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Jennifer Chau

"Mark is the best kind of colleague to have: Intellectually Curious, Responsible, Conscientious, Self-Motivated and always focused on doing what's right for his clients and the business. If you get a chance, hire Mark immediately — you won't regret it."

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Grant Heitkamp

"Mark has a sharp analytical mind and routinely brought forth simplified solutions for client opportunities. During a period in which our team was optimizing new tools, Mark had great pulse on the appropriate paths to refinement. Coupling the strategic thinking with a very personable and relatable demeanor, Mark has the combination of traits that can be invaluable to teams in today's digital environment. We have kept in touch since working together and I would feel honored if we got the chance to work together again some day. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Mark for my own team should the opportunity ever arise."

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Michael Vallone

"Simply put: Mark gets it. He understands the big picture and has a clear way of communicating it. Through a deep understanding of the research process, thorough analysis and planning, Mark discovers insights that seamlessly bring strategy and creative together. Mark is honest, loyal and real. When he's on a mission, he will always give 110%."

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Grace Tsai

"Mark is bright, ambitious, quality-driven, and big-picture thinking. His cross-platform projects demonstrated his ability to solve for a problem independently and analytically; but what impressed me most was that he went further to collaborate with partners across functions to gather input to ensure his recommendations were realistic and actionable. Having seen so many professionals work without much consideration of how their work may impact the big picture, I found Mark’s approach refreshing."

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Adam Drozd

"I've known Mark for over 10 years and can say he is one of the most brilliant people I have the pleasure of being associated with. He has a fresh perspective when problem solving, and is always offering new innovative trends to better his client's business. From a personal perspective, Mark is a reliable go-to, always the first one to offer a helping hand and strategic advice."

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Ryan Duffy

"Mark is a driven individual who does what it takes to exceed client expectations. I have seen and been a part of Mark’s projects, in which he displayed a great sense of creativity, hard work and leadership, including customer usability, competitive analysis, design, and creativity. What began as a small project on application performance turned into an overhaul that reinvented the consumer journey. Multiple clients were impressed with Mark’s approach and are in the process of implementing those solutions today."

Stephanie Giorio

"Mark has a lot of great ideas and knows how to sell them, get them done, and make them shine. He is refreshing in a world that likes to keep doing what has worked in the past (mind you he gets that too), and he likes to bring new ideas combined with smart thinking to the table. He is great at interpreting results, presenting them with ease and clarity. I have never walked away confused or discouraged . . . he breaks it down and tells an engaging story."

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Kami Motz

"Mark is a powerhouse - his insights on how campaigns work across mediums and testing strategies are absolutely on point. He delivers timely and thorough analysis and can easily integrate into new projects without hesitation."

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Emma Lippman

"Mark is a rare breed: a creative thinker backed by a strategic rationale. His entrepreneurial mindset seeks areas of untapped potential for which he provides data-driven recommendations for the highest quality output. Mark's ability to think outside the box is an asset to any team; it was a great learning experience to work alongside him."

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Jennifer Hadin

“Mark has an extreme thirst for knowledge and curiosity in general is an inspiration who can deliver a long-term impact. He is very well rounded, intelligent, level-headed and one of the most friendly and approachable people I have met. He strives to improve the world around him by being supportive and encouraging. His work is thorough and he is a leader in developing new insights to solve business problems.”

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